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Leading up to The Big Bang Bhangra Brass Band’s debut show at The Vermont Music Fest, our local weekly – Seven Days, gave me a pretty big nod.  It kind of blew me away.  I hope that we were able to live up to the press!  Here’s a small bit from the write up:

But the most intriguing act on the bill is a new ensemble from the Saturn People’s Sound Collective leader Brian Boyes: the Big Bang Bhangra Brass Band.

Given his increasing renown thanks to the mind-blowing radness that is SPSC — andMovement of the People before that — Boyes is approaching a Chorney-ian level of respect. Meaning that, much like his old viperHouse bandmate and friend MichaelChorney, anything Boyes does from here on out will likely inspire genuine curiosity among a growing segment of the local music-listening public. That definitely includes yours truly. When I hear Chorney is involved in some new project, my ears immediately perk up. The same thing is starting to happen with Boyes.

By now you’re probably saying, “Hey, Dan. Shut up and tell us about his friggin’ band already!”

Good idea!

In a recent email, Boyes describes his 11-member ensemble as combining “the rich musical and dance roots of Indian Bhangra, Bollywood, New Orleans brass bands and the 1930s jungle swing of Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway.”

I know, right?

The band itself is like a who’s who of central Vermont instrumental talent and features percussionists Gabe HalbergBrandon Klarich and PJ Davidian, bassist Giovani Rovetto, guitarist Jay Ekis, flautist and choreographer SimoneLabony Labbance, and a horn section of sax players Dan Liptak and ZachTonnissen, trombonists Lloyd Dugger and Matt Avery, and Boyes on trumpet.

I know, right?

So, yeah. I’d say the BBBBB — B5? — are worth the price of admission on their own. Or they would be if the fest had an admission price. Which it doesn’t.



About saturnpeoplesounds

As a trumpeter, composer, arranger and band leader, multi-instrumentalist Brian Boyes has worked in Vermont for the past 16 years. As a member of a variety of award wining ensembles including the national touring jazz-funk act, viperHouse, he has been recognized for his soulful and intense approach to his trumpet. Under his leadership the group TALA was recognized internationally for its hybrid blend of world music and jazz. Tala was a featured act of both the Flynn Space Vermont Artist Series and the Discover Jazz Festival. He also works with The 35th Parallel Mediterrasian Jazz Ensemble. As an educator Brian Boyes has twice received special recognition from the Vermont Arts Alliance for his unique and creative approach to music education at Cabot School. He has shared the stage with artists such as Lester Bowie, Trey Anastasio, John Sinclair, Jody Diamond, Josh Roseman, Michael Ray, and Marshall Allen. He currently co-leads and plays trumpet with Movement Of The People: The Fela Kuti Project.
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