Reflecting on The Limes

I’ve been recently going through some old recordings and came across a CD recorded in 2007 by my student ensemble The Limes.  It was fun for me to come across this recording, because I honestly haven’t listened to it since it was released.  Not knowing what to expect, I threw the CD into my laptop, donned some earbuds and took a listen.  While some of the tunes didn’t quite capture the live energy the band brought to the shows packed to the gills with their high-school compatriots, a couple of the  tracks were pleasantly surprising.   Of course this CD, Onward and Outward only tells a small part of The Limes story.

On Halloween of 2005, I returned to Cabot School after an extended leave to travel to China to adopt our baby daughter.  I knew that I was returning to a rather unusual high school band configuration – a few wind players, a rhythm section, a singer who had never sung in public before and one student who was interested in the music business but didn’t play an instrument.   Little did I know that this unusual grouping would turn into one of the best years of my teaching career.  In a few short classes, it became clear that we should become a band and we were going to have a manager who was going to book us gigs and do other such manager-y things.  Of course, we didn’t have any songs other than a cover-in-progress of Summertime. 

However, by late spring we had performed in clubs and schools across the state, recorded a CD (titled with a name only high school kids could think of – Best of The Zest) at a professional studio in Burlington, made it on to the evening news, had a slew of merch and were poised to embark on an east coast tour.

And then June graduation came and it was all done – this uncanny, 9-month experiment of amateur student musicians that broke two Montpelier venue attendance records and became rock stars in their very own town of Cabot.

By the next fall , an inkling of The Limes 2.0 began to emerge.  Diana Winn of Rebop Records approached me with the notion of another Limes to serve as the house band for a kids TV show that she was co-producing with Video Vision in Barre, VT.

Fast forward to yet another fall, and we were into Limes 3.0 –   the last of the zest.  So to sum it all up, here are a couple of tracks from the last of The Limes.


About saturnpeoplesounds

As a trumpeter, composer, arranger and band leader, multi-instrumentalist Brian Boyes has worked in Vermont for the past 16 years. As a member of a variety of award wining ensembles including the national touring jazz-funk act, viperHouse, he has been recognized for his soulful and intense approach to his trumpet. Under his leadership the group TALA was recognized internationally for its hybrid blend of world music and jazz. Tala was a featured act of both the Flynn Space Vermont Artist Series and the Discover Jazz Festival. He also works with The 35th Parallel Mediterrasian Jazz Ensemble. As an educator Brian Boyes has twice received special recognition from the Vermont Arts Alliance for his unique and creative approach to music education at Cabot School. He has shared the stage with artists such as Lester Bowie, Trey Anastasio, John Sinclair, Jody Diamond, Josh Roseman, Michael Ray, and Marshall Allen. He currently co-leads and plays trumpet with Movement Of The People: The Fela Kuti Project.
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